☽ Fashion for your Strange Side ☾

Dates (especially first dates) are always hard to pick the perfect outfit for, since we usually want to make a good impression~ And then to make a balance between over and under-dressed while still looking cute and staying warm? The struggle is real. But if it were me, I’d go with either:

  • A skirt with tights layered underneath with some warm booties, paired with form-fitting top under a cozy cardigan. That way you can decide whether you’re going for cutesy, flirty, sexy, etc. 
  • A simple kind of dress (nothing too fancy) maybe with a belt to accentuate your waist, and some flats and a small purse that can hang off your shoulder. This way it’s a little dressy without being too much. 
  • If you’re more of a pants/jeans person, you could try a pair of nicer  jeans (well-fitted, no rips or scuffs) that you feel confident and sexy in and some heels or high-heeled boots to elongate the look of your legs,with a sophisticated or classy top (maybe something with chiffon or lace?) to pull it all together. 
  • You could also add a necklace here or a statement ring there to accessorize without it being too overbearing or flashy. 

Hope i could help, have lots of fun on your date! 

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