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Well i’d say the best way to start changing your style and introducing it to your family is to not tell them directly, but show them. Just start incorporating dark clothing into your outfits little by little (ex: some black jeans one day, a black top the next, etc) so that your new style can be developed. Im sure once your family starts noticing, they’ll say something about it. And when they do thats a good time to mention “Oh yeah, this is how I want to dress”. They might not even say anything once they see you start to dress in more black and darker fashion and just accept it as that’s just your style! Just take your time, as much as you feel you need, and have fun with it~ 

Hope i could help! x

  • A few pairs of jeans that you absolutely love. Essentially I like to make sure I have a pair of skinnies, black jeans, destroyed/ripped jeans, and boyfriend jeans. 
  • Plenty of plain, basic tanks and t-shirts for layering or just being casual
  • A few nice blouses and you feel confident in! 
  • Definitely some cardigans and sweaters that make you feel cute and cozy♥ 
  • A plaid shirt or flannel, I think they can be worn lots of way either in layering for colder weather or just tied around you.
  • A (faux) leather jacket, you can take it and go for so many looks from ordinary styles to punk to goth to minimalist to rockabilly. Its always good to have one around!
  • For shoes, I feel like some staples would be a pair of flats you could wear anywhere, a pair of boots (ankle, combat, chelsea, lace-up, platform, whatever you fancy~), some sandals for summer, some sneakers (I personally think canvas sneakers are the cutest), and a pair of dressy shoes like heels or wedges x 
  • Pairs of shorts: 1 pair of denim, 1 high-waisted, and one with a different material like lace or leather.
  • As for skirts I like keeping around a flared, skater skirt (because theyre adorable♥), a maxi skirt (for Summer), and a pencil skirt (For business-y reasons~)
  • Dresses: One casual day dress for just wearing around and one on the fancier side for special occasions.
  • Don’t forget all the other things that make it your own special style! 

Everyone has their own preferences ofcourse but this is just what I would recommend having, clothing-wise. Hope I could help! 

image Ayy that me 

My amount of love for round sunglasses and chunky boots is also alarming

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